New Apple II User's Guide, 2nd Printing

26 Oct 2012 12:17 am

I've just submitted the final manuscript to the printer for The New Apple II User's Guide. This latest copy fixes the typographical errors and other minor issues that I found since I proofread the entire book again when I got my copy in June. I also received corrections from readers, and I appreciate their feedback. I'll release some percentages later on the types of errors fixed. Suffice it to say, there were very few factual errors, which is great. The majority of errors were a missing word (usually an article such as a, an, or the), or missing or incorrect punctuation.

You should be able to purchase a copy of the revised, 2nd printing, in just a few days. Hopefully it will go on sale Monday.

Also, look forward to: reduced pricing to drive sales, and the eBook edition!

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