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27 May 2009 5:59 pm

Hi there.

06 Apr 2007 12:45 am

Hi, Imik!

Dog Cow
03 Apr 2007 7:53 pm





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House and accessories

03 Jun 2009 2:23 am

[ Listening to People Like Me - K'naan Currently: Listening to People Like Me - K'naan ]

I have a slight obsession over furniture at the moment. It makes me want to revamp my whole room and then move on to the house. It all started when I just wanted some mahogany bookcases. I have these white boring bookcases that are just 'blegh'. Then I decided to do some graphic designs on them. this led me to some crazy places. Hours of sidetracking. I dragged a few people along with me xD

This site didn't help: I am still exploring new categories. Even though I can't afford anything on the site I am drawn to it. Gah~

Though, it does give me inspiration to work on other things. I've been in a slump about reusing materials, so this site helped a bit. A lot of the stuff featured seems to be in a minimalist theme, which goes along with my current mood: throw out stuff I haven't used in the past year.

Though there are a few disturbing things on the site such as a human table and a gas mask shower. Oh well, to each their own.

I do like the vortex fountain and the garden furniture. There were also some really cool sinks like the aquarium sink and the drawer sink. They seemed to like wooden bathtubs too...But what really got me were the bookcases and beds! So many different kinds of beds~ ( list of some crazy looking beds)

I thought the swing beds were pretty neat, but you gotta have a really sturdy frame to hold them. Not for shifty sleepers either...And there is a definite fascination with suspended/floating beds. Good for storage and such, but you better hope that bed is sturdy and can hold weight, right?

Oh! bookcases...I originally found this site by looking for unique bookcases, like this one. Then it moved on to rainbow bookshelves and ceiling bookshelves. Ceiling bookshelves aren't as exciting but I thought it was a good idea.

Another place had an expandable bookshelf that was really interesting. Good idea but it seems kinda bulky. I thought the X bookcase was really nice looking...But the scale bookcase was by far the coolest thing my friend found (yup procrastination at its best). We decided the infinity bookcase would be awesome. Especially in a school or library. We want it.

hello! and external hard drive madness

25 May 2009 4:23 am

[ Happy Mood: Happy ]
[ Listening to No More Gas - Earworm Currently: Listening to No More Gas - Earworm ]

I can't believe my last entry was in 2007. This place looks a tad different :3
Finished my second year in college. I'm a environmental major with no decided minor. Most likely going to do a double major with art or minor. I live in a theme house with an eclectic bunch of individuals. Dorm life was too...institutional?

Computer wise I've only been working on GIS programs and such. Unfortunetly GIS software isn't mac compatible, which is where the lenovo came in handy. Other than making wallpapers and learning how to make crazy stats and maps I haven't done much.

Lot's of job searching. Need some more money. I have some set aside for electronics (scanner/external HD) and concert tickets but I am dire need of textbook monies. Hopefully I will be a camp assistant of sorts and a part time packer for a moving company~ (packing up things, not furniture moving). Signed up for a cake deco class, so then I can apply to the bakery nearby. That could be three jobs at once, but most likely I'll just go with whoever pays me more :3

Recently I've been looking at some external hard drives. I tend to use my mac as a backup for my school computer (pc/lenovo). My lenovo has crashed twice since I got it. I only recently began using it again since it crashed in the winter. I tossed it in the drawer for three months before taking it to the computer guys. Still very much a mac user~

So I was looking around and found this:

feedback on this would be nice. It seems to have some good reviews but I want to hear what you guys think! Suggestions for other types of external hardrives would be nice too.

Just needs to be between $80-$100, more than 100GB storage, mac/pc compatible and pretty durable. I'm good about being nice to electronics, but it's the other people I live with that pose a threat.

I do have a livejournal:
Has a few more entries than this journal. Plus theme house activities mentioned...well that's all for now. Hope everyone's summer is going well Very Happy

do i have a pulse?

30 Sep 2007 4:06 am

[ Sleepy Mood: Sleepy ]
[ Working Currently: Working  ]

answer: yes? I think for now I doo~

Alright, brief but I feel like posting something other than just logging in, looking at the new stuff and logging out, the research paper can wait for a little while >_>.

So, ya, I'm alive, a bit sick though. Living in a dorm again, forgot about how easy it was to catch colds and such. College is really fun, but also veery exhausting. When I am not getting work done, I am out, when I am not out I am working or sleeping. Funny how fast days go by, I can't believe it's almost October!

Met a couple of mac people on campus, a linux person, but mostly everyone here is familiar to dells or ibm's. I am happy to live next to guys who have micro-fridges, tv's and game consoles. Everyone here seems really nice, it's sort of weird how friendly people are. Anyways, I'm just checking back in here to see what's up before I start another paper~

anybody doing anything for Halloween? I am all too grateful that it's finally starting to get cooler and the leaves are starting to change, fall is so pretty :3

Technology Nonsense

10 Jul 2007 5:19 am

So~ Technology gripes...
'I really need this to do well but dammit I have no green' or 'why the hell should I spend all my money on software when I could go to X amount of concerts/shopping/movies instead?!'

I need a new flatbed scanner, my current one is old and doesn't like to travel anymore. I needed to stay with me at least until after college, but it only lasted me high school (got it 8th grade). It also has a few teenie scratches on the inside of the glass Sad

So recommendations? Something nice that's not expensive or less than $200 (and maybe comes with photoshop 7 or something so I don't have to buy photoshop).

I really dislike how CS2 is still really expensive for me (ahh I really need a paycheck already). Thank god I am going to school, hopefully I will find someone who the disk and make a deal :X

It's also hot as hell outside, yay for working in a office/cubicle hybrid thing...fluorescent lights....white walls...i think i'm going to cry...
oh well I get out soon anyways, it's fun free internet and nothing to do (yet)! The Illusionist was an entertaining movie btw...that's all~
<- - - - - - - - - - - - - >

I registered Windowshade today...what a cool program. I can't wait to show up my friend who was all 'ya windows can do the mac zoom-out thing too'. I can now say 'well, i have options on HOW i want them to minimize/become less noticeable'.

I can't stop just opening up stuff i don;'t need, just so i can use Windowshade Mad

I also downloaded ClearDock for But I can't seem to change the dock colors, murr...

So sup? (long entry)

01 Jul 2007 2:03 am

[ Cool Mood: Cool ]
[ Reading Currently: Reading  ]

So, Ive been out and about for quite some time and havent made an entry recently. Summer is not my high point on being on the computer, but I am inside quite a bit. But Im updating myself now, checked out the Spiral Website, but didnt have time to really do in-depth searching. Its a good idea to join together, not merge just affiliate and be friendly (peace and love xD). Good to know that were not going to be all gaia vs neopets vs magivolve vs (insert other online avatar-oriented sites). The clique-attitude towards other communities and members I think we all can do without. That asideĶ

I havent been around becauseĶof a lot of things, really. I have been cleaning out my living space and found a bunch of neat things, like a book my dad read when he was younger called steal this book. I started looking through it again and remember how it gave me very good bad ideasĶ I have been in MT to visit a relative. Got to be a cowhand for two or so weeks and, yes, I do have a rather distinctive farmers tan Gonk. I also dont have wireless in the house, so its hard for me to sit plugged into a wall. Usually I can chill on my bed, in the hammock or on the floor. I wasnt feeling the love for sitting in a chair at a desk, so I went out and found a super-long cable. Not as good as wireless, but its the best I can do before going to college (wireless and nextdoor neighbors to bother!).

Oh ya, also downloaded an application called Themepark (from Geekspiff, I think) since it was somewhere in the Shapeshifter documentation. Although I dont think I will have the attention span to sit down and work on something. Looks nifty and has a nice tutorial for speds such as myself (yay), now all I need is a rainy day. There is no way I am going to give a sunny day outside, or a clear night xP

Speaking of internet-things, there was also drama on Youtube about some movie called Zeitgeist. Youtube censored it and everyone is up and arms, rather funny. I watched it (after letting it sit 2 days because its such a long movie) and thought it was a little random but although brought up some different things to think about. The point of manipulation to reap a profit through war idea is nothing new, but using it for 9/11 is for me (at least the way they presented their argument/evidence to support it). Blah, no more talk of that thingĶ

I also think there is supposed to be a killer blue moon tonight. Apparently everyone on the front-side on my house got couldnt sleep because the cloud came up and clouds clearedĶI missed it, I live on the backside Sad Soo hope everyones summer is going well and 4th of July is going to be awesome, and no one gets arrested for fireworks in their yard or something dumb Very Happy.