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Card Name Card Type Slot Card Year Manufacturer
AE Z-80plus
Applied Engineering Z-80 Card for CP/M compatibility
Firmware Slot 2 1983 Applied Engineering
Apple IIe 80-Column Text Card
Provides an 80-column text screen for the Apple IIe.
Video IIe Aux 1983 Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple IIe Extended 80-Column Text Card
Provides an 80-column text screen and an additional 64 kilobytes of RAM for the Apple IIe.
Video IIe Aux 1983 Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple Language Card
Adds an additional 16k of memory for languages and applications.
Memory Slot 0 1979 Apple Computer, Inc.
AppleMouse II Card
Adds the ability to use a mouse as an input device on the Apple II.
Input Slot 4 1984 Apple Computer, Inc.
Applesoft II Firmware Card
Provides Applesoft II in ROM.
Firmware Slot 0 1978 Apple Computer, Inc.
Disk II Interface Card
Controls up to two Disk II units.
Disk Slot 6 1978 Apple Computer, Inc.
Graphics Tablet Interface Card
Input Slot 4 1979 Apple Computer, Inc.
Parallel Interface Card
Provides a firmware-driven, eight-bit parallel interface to printers and other parallel devices.
Parallel Slot 1 1982 Apple Computer, Inc.
Parallel Printer Interface Card
Allows the Apple II to produce printed output on a wide variety of printers.
Printer Slot 1 1978 Apple Computer, Inc.
parallell Printer card
standard centronics type connector .on a flatcable
Parallel Slot 4 0000 Epson
Senior PROM NMI Card
Non-Maskable Interrupt Card
Firmware 1985 Cutting Edge Enterprises
Serial Interface Card
Enables RS232 serial communications to and from the Apple II.
Serial Slot 1 1979 Apple Computer, Inc.
Silentype Interface Card
Controls the Apple Silentype printer.
Printer Slot 1 1980 Apple Computer, Inc.
Super Serial Card
Provides a two-way serial interface to a wide variety of devices, including printers, terminals, plotters, and other computers.
Serial Slot 1 1981 Apple Computer, Inc.
Accelerator card for Apple II/II+/IIe at 3.58 MHz
1985 Applied Engineering
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