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Mac Word Association
Cloud9 says alumina
Monuments Men movie
Cloud9 says I guess I'll see it on DVD when it comes out. :-)

Hardware Hall

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Your main vintage Mac?
marioman23 says Well, it used to be my PowerBook G3 But, until fixed, my PowerBook 14...
Have you ordered a new Mac Pro?
marioman23 says I think for most, it's a money issue combined with the fact that most ...
Software Sector

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The Saltine's Computer Disks
PhilH says I appreciate the response. Bob was a nice person and I just wanted to...
CarbonLib isn't found when starting REALBasic program
Dog Cow says I don't know too much about programming for Mac OS, but maybe this wil...
Digital Lifestyle

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Apple putting iOS in the car
cactus says The last thing you will see is a spinning multicoloured disc .....
Larger iPhones
Cloud9 says Well that does seem to be the trend. Especially with the Samsung phone...

Art & Design

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cardiag says none
Modern art: yay or nay?
cactus says While we are waiting for heavymetal4god's picture, here is a link to a...
Game Room

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Anyone played aGORA?
JohnnyCash says A major asset for the implementation AGORA is strong and the support o...
Arcade Gaming Contest
Tiamat says so like my high score is better then your high score, or see who can g...

Current Events
News & Events

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NSA Spy program "not essential in preventing attacks"
applefreak says Secret contract tied NSA and security industry pioneer http://www.reut...
Why Can't Big Government Launch a Website?
Dog Cow says Found the summary of this on Slashdot, it's from a USA Today article, ...


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Any give-aways?
cactus says Just make loads of posts and visit the DogCow Fountain in the Town Squ...
heavymetal4god says Peroforma 6400, it has the built in sub :D

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WTB: Under Ware screen saver by BitJugglers
Mac alien says I have a copy that is complete with the 2 disks and the manual. the bo...
Mac 128k, Color Classic, and more in Decatur, Illinois
Dog Cow says He seems pretty adamant about moving the whole collection at once. I a...

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