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At Mac GUI, you can customize your Mac's look and feel with Themes, Desktops, Icons, Widgets, and many more fun things. We've also got Mac-centered discussion forums, photo gallery, news, reviews, links list and much more! You name it, you'll find it here at Mac GUI!

If retro Apple computing is your thing, then be sure to check out Mac GUI Vault-- a collection of vintage Apple II and Macintosh software, info, photos, Usenet posts, and other resources.

What's News

Old Games Finder now searches Mac GUI Vault

Old Games Finder now searches Mac GUI VaultAs of today, users of the Old Games Finder service, an abandonware search engine, can now search the contents of Mac GUI Vault's downloads.

Simply enter the keywords in the search bar, and be sure to choose Apple from the popup menu.

As described on the Old Games Finder about page, "the idea is to find old games for real download (no jokes) very quickly instead of long journey with google or each website exploring. Engine contains special automatic Indexer which independently analyzes each website and FTP for abandonware titles, extracts direct title links and updates all data when changes have been made. The whole process takes place without need for assistance of indexed websites owners and any prepared game list."

This search engine is a great complement to Mac GUI Vault's existing downloads search engine...

Drop /// inches, Episode 3 with Egan Ford

Drop /// inches, Episode 3 with Egan FordDrop /// inches is a new podcast devoted to one of Apple's not-so-successful computers: the Apple III. The show is hosted by Mike Maginnis and Paul Hagstrom.

Here is the summary for this podcast: "we talk about some introductory and demo materials, consider some Apple /// “dream systems” and talk with Egan Ford about the work he has done preparing the Apple /// “Ready-to-Run” quick start package for the MESS apple3 emulator."

Listen to this podcast episode

Leaked schematic shows rumored NFC chip in iPhone 6

Leaked schematic shows rumored NFC chip in iPhone 6A MacRumors article by Eric Slivka calls attention to a Near Field Communication chip that may be used in the upcoming iPhone 6 from Apple. He writes, "Rumors of near field communications (NFC) support for the iPhone surface nearly every year, and this year's iPhone 6 rumors are no different, with reports split on whether the device will include the short-range communications technology frequently used for mobile payments. A couple of new reports do, however, come down on the side of NFC being included in the iPhone 6."

Such a capability could be used in a mobile payment systems. Such a system may well be unveiled later this year.

The article goes on to say, "The first mention came in a separate leak showing a purported battery from Apple's 5.5-inch iPhone 6 late last week. That report from Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily also mentioned in passing that the iPhone 6 will include a PN65V NFC chip ...

New site for Apple IIgs Programming

New site for Apple IIgs ProgrammingDagen Brock decided to start a new web site called Crusty Coders. He intends to create a centralized resource for Apple IIgs programming. This is something that could turn out to be truly useful since traditionally there have been fewer programmers for this 16-bit system.

The site is still coming together, but as of today it has links to PDF documentation, other Apple II web sites, and programming languages for the Apple IIgs.

Take a look: Crusty Coders - GS Programmer's Home

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