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Day 2 with the new Uthernet

Day 2 with the new UthernetNow in reality, a week has passed since my first report on the new Uthernet II ethernet card by Glenn Jones of A2RetroSystems, but we'll call this day 2 anyway!

Already a pre-release edition of Contiki, ported to the Apple by Oliver Schmidt, is available for the Uthernet II beta testers. Version 3.x of Contiki includes an ethernet config program that allows the user to choose between the three ethernet cards for Apple: the LANceGS, original Uthernet, and the new Uthernet II.

The usual apps are still here, just as they have been for the past several years: the web browser, web server, FTP client, email, and IRC. A new app is the telnet server. This allows your remote computer to telnet into the Apple and execute some commands such as to get a list of all running processes, or peek and poke memory.

I didn't do any serious timing, but the web browser seems to be faster in this version.

This new version of Co...

First look at the new Uthernet II

First look at the new Uthernet IIAs promised, the beta Uthernet II card has finally arrived for me to test out and share my feedback. Big thanks to Glenn Jones of A2RetroSystems for including me in his beta testing program and allowing me to give the Apple II world a preview of this exciting new technology!

My first impression after opening the box and removing the bubble wrap is that this is definitely one compact little card! If you thought the original Uthernet was small, the Uthernet II is about half the size, despite having more components on its face. The small size due to the advancements in miniaturization should mean that this card will consume very little power and produce the minimum of heat inside your Apple's case.

The Uthernet II only has one component that sticks out from the board, and that is the Ethernet jack. This will be good for users who have a lot of cards in their Apple; the new Uthernet II won't be as likely to bump into ...

Twiggy Mac ROM Disassembly

Twiggy Mac ROM DisassemblyHere is the followup report to my initial investigation of the Twiggy Mac filing system.

The Twiggy Mac ROM is 64 KB in length, just like the Mac 128K ROM. The Twiggy Mac ROM checksum is 28 84 37 1D, as opposed to the 128K, whose checksum is 28 BA 4E 50. The MD5 hash of the Twiggy ROM file is 4f28b54a2c6d699b596a1e6072a57f58.

The boot vector for the Twiggy ROM is the same as the 128K ROM, $0040 $002A. The machine type, $00, and the ROM version, $69, are also identical between the two.

Locations of various drivers are changed, and the .Sony driver of course does not exist in the Twiggy Mac ROM. The Twiggy disk driver, called .Disk, starts at $16E4 and is $0F82 bytes long. The .Sound driver starts at $35C2. The .BOut driver is at $26AE, and .AIn is located at $2666.

The Twiggy Mac ROM routine to verify its checksum is at $06CE, and its memory test starts at $06E8. During system initialization, it branches to these routines a...

Juiced.GS Volume 19, Issue 1 now available

Juiced.GS Volume 19, Issue 1 now availableJuiced.GS, the quarterly magazine for Apple II users, now has its March 2014 edition out!

This issue features an interview with Al Lowe of Leisure Suit Larry; reviews of Option8's RetroConnector joystick adapters; a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Brian Picchi's Retro Fever game; musings on why the Mac's recent 30th anniversary matters to the Apple II; and much, much more!

Check out this issue's index for full contents, as well as links to online resources for even more related content.

If you're not subscribed yet, don't miss out! You can subscribe here.

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