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Twiggy Mac ROM Disassembly

Here is the followup report to my initial investigation of the Twiggy Mac filing system.

The Twiggy Mac ROM is 64 KB in length, just like the Mac 128K ROM. The Twiggy Mac ROM checksum is 28 84 37 1D, as opposed to the 128K, whose checksum is 28 BA 4E 50. The MD5 hash of the Twiggy ROM file is 4f28b54a2c6d699b596a1e6072a57f58.

The boot vector for the Twiggy ROM is the same as the 128K ROM, $0040 $002A. The machine type, $00, and the ROM version, $69, are also identical between the two.

Locations of various drivers are changed, and the .Sony driver of course does not exist in the Twiggy Mac ROM. The Twiggy disk driver, called .Disk, starts at $16E4 and is $0F82 bytes long. The .Sound driver starts at $35C2. The .BOut driver is at $26AE, and .AIn is located at $2666.

The Twiggy Mac ROM routine to verify its checksum is at $06CE, and its memory test starts at $06E8. During system initialization, it branches to these routines a...

Looking at the new 12" MacBook and MacBook air

Updates to Apple's line of notebooks, the MacBook and MacBook Air, may be coming sooner than we thought. A web site forums post gives us some details on what we might be able to expect from Cupertino: a new 12" MacBook that is slimmed down and fanless, as well as having a buttonless trackpad. The latter happens to be defined in a U.S. patent application.

The much-watched Apple iWatch was also mentioned, but it seems to be farther away from production, being now only in the prototype stages of design. However, it would seem that Apple may well release such a product.

Here is a link to the forums post in question. It is in Chinese.

iOS 7.1 now out with visual tweaks and CarPlay

Apple has released the first update to iOS 7 since last September to the general public at last. This update includes fixes for the TouchID fingerprint system, a fix for the home screen crash issue, and the new feature for automobiles: CarPlay. CarPlay is called by Apple "a better way to use iPhone while driving." The system is only available on select new cars for 2014.

iPhone 4 users will enjoy improved responsiveness and performance with this iOS update.

Visit the System Preferences -> Software update area of your iDevice to update to this new version.

Read more at the Apple iOS 7 site

Report on Twiggy Mac Disks

The Twiggy Mac uses the Apple FileWare system, which uses double-sided disks offering approximately 871 KB of storage. Physical sectors stored 512 data bytes and 20 tag bytes.

In contrast, the Mac 128K uses the Sony 3.5" disk system, which uses single-sided disks offering approximately 400 KB of storage on 80 tracks.

Disk Format

It appears that Twiggy Mac disks use the MFS format, with a few small differences. These differences are not so great as to prevent the disks from mounting on a Mac 128K running System 1.0, or indeed, even a Mac SE running System 7.

The first difference is in the boot blocks. While the format signature of $4C4B (LK for Larry Kenyon) is still present, some of the file names differ. The StartUpScreen is referred to as the BootScreen. The Finder is listed twice. There are no entries for InfoScreen or Clipboard File.

The volume directory is still in block 4, and its signature bytes are still $D2D7 (RW for Randy Wig...

Firefox 27 released

Mozilla today officially launched Firefox 27 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Additions include Simultaneous Social API notifications, SPDY 3.1 support, and more languages on Android.

Firefox 27 has been released over on and all existing users should be able to upgrade to it automatically. As always, the Android version is trickling out slowly on Google Play.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 has been added to both desktop and mobile versions of Firefox. This is the latest release, although it was originally defined over five years ago in August 2008.

Find out more at

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