Macintosh II and Macintosh SE announced


Author: jww@sdcsvax.UUCP
Date: 02 Mar 1987 12:56 pm

Guess what?  The rumors were substantially true!  Apple introduced
some new computers today. :-)  (I hear that seats were hard to come by,
even for the head of major third-party developers.)

According to the Dow Jones news service (their facts, my words):

Apple introduced two machines, the Macintosh II and Macintosh SE,
the result of a $150 million, 18-month effort.

The Macintosh II has six slots, for optional color display, networking
boards and MS-DOS compatiblity.  The Macintosh SE (System Expansion)
has one slot and an internal hard disk.  Both include universal power
supplies for any voltage.

The II is designed for "advanced" applications and is priced
at $5,498.  The SE is expected to become the new business/university
machine, while the 512ke and Plus are the entry-level products.
Analysts liked the Macintosh II, were generally unimpressed with the
SE, since it is only slightly more powerful than the Plus, but
expect both to sell well.

Apple also introduced disk drives, memory upgrade kits, two display
monitors and keyboards.  They also announced products for converting
MS-DOS/Mac file formats.

"Apple's been a hot company lately, and despite some drawbacks, these  
products could make it a supernova," said Steward Alsop, publisher of
PC Letter.

Other announcements:
        * A-UX, a UNIX System V port due in late summer
        * Desktop Express, a graphics E-mail software
          jointly developed with MCI & Dow Jones
        * Lotus Galaxy for the SE and II, due this summer.
          No word on what will happen to Jazz.
        Joel West
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Macintosh II and Macintosh SE announced
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