Mac Finder..etc.. upgrade available FREE


Author: Lonnie R. Abelbeck, AT&T Bell Labs
Date: 21 May 1984 10:49 pm

The upgrades of MacWrite/MacPaint and the Finder are available from your
friendly Apple Computer Dealer.  The upgrade is free to those who bring
in their old "System Disk", and 2 "Write/Paint" disks.  The dealer
has a master copy and will do the copying in the store.

Some of the new features are:

New Application.. Disk Copy.. The maximum number of swaps to copy
      an entire disk has been reduced to four.

New Finder Command.. Set Startup.. you can set up a disk to load and run
      an application when it is booted, skipping over the Finder.

New Fonts.. A 10-point font size has been added for Geneva and New York
      fonts.  Cairo-18, Los Angeles-12, Los Angeles-24 and New York-36
      are new fonts.

MacWrite.. has Superscripts and Subscripts.. yehhh

Make sure you do a (apple)
                About the Finder..

    well.. I won't spoil it

Also, I saw pre-releases of MacTerminal, MacPascal, MacDraw, and
MacProject.  Will these be out in June?? I hope!!

Lonnie R. Abelbeck
AT&T Bell Laboratories

Mac Finder..etc.. upgrade available FREE
121 May 1984 10:49 pmLonnie R. Abelbeck, AT&T…