Author: The Translucent Amoebae
Date: 17 May 2010 9:06 pm

Accused of "the biggest military hack of all time", Gary McKinnon
could be the most dangerous hacker in the world. Facing charges of
hacking into 97 US military and Nasa computers and banned from using
the internet in 2005, the 44-year-old will never touch a computer
again if the US military has its way.

Is there a good book or other resource to reveal what is going on
It would seem to me that protecting a computer data base from
unauthorized users would be the simplest thing in the world...???
If someone has just entered their 500th Password and it's not on the
list... i would think that a reasonably competent security wall would
cut them off...???
Or if you had a data base that was very sensitive, the computer would
call them up on their cell phone, and say something like: If you are
attempting to access this database (x) then press one now.

Just exactly what is entailed in all this crazy hacking nonsense...
i would further think that while breaking into military computers is
It is 100% the responsibility of the secure network to keep hackers
Not to blame them for looking into file cabinets that they're not
supposed to...!

117 May 2010 9:06 pmThe Translucent Amoebae