Re: MACINTOSH opinion and request

Author: DavisRB
Date: 03 Feb 1984 12:31 pm
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My local dealer already has Lisa 2.  His retail price list is:

               LISA 2                $3495
                LISA 2/5        $4495
                LISA 2/10        $5495

All these have 512k RAM and the 400K microfloppy.  The /5 and /10 refer
to 5 mb or 10 mb hard-disk.  The 5 is external and the 10 is internal
and uses the one parallel port.  1/2 mb RAM expansion is $1495.

The documentation (system overview) claims Microsoft XENIX and
UniPress UniPlus+ are available.  I assume C comes with them,
at least with XENIX.  It also claims "MS-DOS (future)".

The Lisa 2 is capable of running Mac software, so it looks like an
excellent prospect for Mac software development.  From what I've
seen (which isn't much) the standard Lisa OS is well suited for
this kind of development with their Pascal package.  It would be
nice if there was a C compiler available under the Lisa OS, too.

I would suggest reading the new magazine Macworld (Premier Issue)
that recently came out.  It is loaded with information about the
Mac and why it is the way it is.  My impression is that the Mac
is the neatest thing since the release of the IBM-PC.  And I am
one that thought Apple was all washed up!

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MACINTOSH opinion and request
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