Benchmarking Microsoft vs Macintosh BASIC

Author: Scott D. Allen
Date: 11 Apr 1984 8:46 am

[Into the bit bucket]

       The latest issue of BYTE magazine, April 1984, has a preview article
of Macintosh BASIC, which I assume is now called MacBASIC.  The article was
very good in that it desrcibed the general operation of Macintosh BASIC.  The
idea of a semi-compiled language is very interesting.  Anyway, the author also
included some benchmark programs and times for this version of BASIC.  I put
the same programs through MICROSOFT BASIC on the Mac and here are the results.

TEST                        Macintosh BASIC                Microsoft BASIC
                        (seconds)                (seconds)

Empty GOSUBs                3.0                        8.0
Empty FOR/NEXT loop        1.5                        5.0
Midstring search        9.0                            22.0
Real Division(by 3)        18.0                        32.0
Integer Division(by 3)        3.0                        xxx  *
Eratosthenes Sieve        31.5 **                        1 min. 45.0 sec **

All times for Microsoft BASIC were done using Mac's clock which only gives time
in whole seconds.

*        I could not find an equivalent function in Microsoft for Integer  

**        Macintosh BASIC used short variables for the Sieve and found 1899 prime
        numbers in 8191 numbers.  Using 2-byte integers (as Microsoft calls  
        them), I could only DIM an array for a maximum of around 6500.  That's
        the time presented.  By using regular integers, I could only use around
        a 1000 element array.

Benchmarking Microsoft vs Macintosh BASIC
111 Apr 1984 8:46 amScott D. Allen