Programs for the MAC

Author: Jeff Bishop
Date: 04 May 1984 9:09 pm

        I have recently purchased a Mac., and would like to know what
future software/hardware will be available for it.  Does anyone have  
any relevant information?
        I purchased MacWrite/Paint and it's pretty good except that as of
now one can only write about ~12 pages worth of text.  Hopefully something
better will be coming out soon.  I've also got microsoft basic and an
advanced copy of MacBasic/MacPascal.  The MS-basic is quite interesting (it
has good mouse control commands) but since I don't have a manual for the  
apple software I've had a hard time getting to use it properly.

       I'ld like to hear about what others have to say about the Mac and  
related topics.

                           Jeff Bishop    || University of Chicago
                      ...ihnp4!oddjob!jeff || Astrology & Astrophysics Center

Programs for the MAC
104 May 1984 9:09 pmJeff Bishop
206 May 1984 11:13 am|- Dan Levin N6BZA
307 May 1984 7:47 am\ kim@analog.UUCP