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Author: Larry Rosenstein
Date: 25 Apr 1985 7:53 pm
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I talked to one of our software librarians to find out the latest software
versions.  This list is as of 4/25/85 and applies only to released

MacPaint:        version 1.5
MacWrite:        version 4.5
MacDraw:         version 1.7
MacTerminal:     version 1.1
System File:     dated 04/08/85
Imagewriter:     dated 03/06/85
Finder:          dated 04/08/85 (version 4.1)
Font/DA Mover:   dated 04/09/85

The librarian didn't know the version numbers of MacProject or MacPascal,
but there has only been 1 released version of those products.

As for obtaining new releases of software, I think that in general the
procedure is to get the updates from a dealer.  You might need to bring in
the original disk as a proof of purchase.  (This is especially true for
things like MacTerminal and MacDraw that are not bundled with the
Macintosh.)  For distributing the new Finder, the dealers should have a
system update disk, which automatically installs the new Finder, standard
file package, Imagewriter, etc. files on a disk.  (The last 4 files listed
above are contained on the system update disk.)  

Hope this clears up some of the confusion.

Larry Rosenstein
Apple Computer

UUCP:  {nsc, dual, voder, ios}!apple!lsr
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