Author: Tony Jacobs
Date: 21 Nov 1985 12:12 pm

Subject: MuliMac (MULTITASKING!)
Newsgroups: net.micro.mac

MulitMac is a multitasking program that lets you run more than one job
at the same time.  Haven't you always wanted to listen to your favorite
MusicWorks tune while you compose a letter in Word?  Now you can.
  No this isn't a paid announcement and I have no connections with the author.
I've seen up to 6 applications running at the same time.  The program installs
another apple menu at the left of the bar and has the manager as the first  
item with the applications loaded following.  The manager shows you how much
memory each application is using along with the priority.  Also shown is how
much free memory and casche memory there is.  It also showes you how much
memory is purgable.  You can also set the delay for writes from 1 to 60  
seconds (I assume this is for the casche.)
  You can go back to the finder any time.  Other applications windows are
sometimes visible.  This depends on whether an application refreshes the
whole screen or just a window.
  The version I saw didn't have any release number in the "About..." so I can
only assume it is a beta.  It doesn't work with some programs (like MacPaint)
and some apps need to be the first app loaded to work (like MacDraw.)
When you run multiple sound apps the first one run is the one that works,  
the rest will run but you don't hear a them.  It ran on the Bernoulli system
but it hasn't been tried on a HyperDrive yet.
  The Switcher is a darn nice program but with polish MultiMac is going to
leave it in the dust.  You can set MultiMac as the startup and it just comes
back to the finder with the second apple menu.
  Also, the manager has a "lazy menu" switch which makes the menus pop down
when the cursor is over them without having to click (similar to the  
Atari ST.)  

... I stand corrected.  I just tried out 1.4 MacPaint and it worked!  This
program is sorely AMAZING! I quit MacPaint and it returned to the finder

The author appears to be Jwa Van der Vuurst and (C) 1985 Aubrac Systems.

Mr. Van der Vuurst where are you.  I want to buy this program RIGHT NOW AT

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