Multi-Mac fate...


Author: t-jacobs@utah-cs.UUCP
Date: 23 Jan 1986 1:15 pm

Subject: Multi-Mac fate
Newsgroups: net.micro.mac

At the MacWorld Expo Andy Hertzfield spoke twice.  Once at the "Meet the
Programmers" session and also at the "How to be an Assembly Hacker".
He said he spoke with the guy who wrote Multi-Mac and reported that the
guy was surrounded by a bunch of bozos. They sheltered him from the world and
consequently didn't get the kind of support development-wise that he
should have had.  Andy said he programmed with direct addressing into the Rom
all over the place!!!!  He said Multi-Mac would run but would eventually
crash after long use.  He also said the guy is no longer working on Multi-Mac
and is in Europe somewhere doing something else.

DON'T DESPAIR, Andy won't let us down.  He showed me a his current project  
that will eventually blow Multi-Mac, Switcher, and the Finder into the cosmic
dust!!!!! IT'S HOT STUFF.  Stay tuned for the "Servant" or whatever name Andy
ends up with finally.  

Please don't ask me alot of questions about the Servant.  I don't have them.
If you have any special requests for features you would like to see, things
you always wished the Finder had, let me know and I'll pass them on along
with my own.

Tony Jacobs

Multi-Mac fate...
123 Jan 1986 1:15 pmt-jacobs@utah-cs.UUCP