List of Bugs corrected by System 3.2


Author: David Whiteman
Date: 20 Jun 1986 5:53 am

Today an Apple rep distributed copies of the "official" release of
the Mac System and a list of the bugs fixed and some not fixed by
this new distribution to my local user group.
Although this list is long I thought it
might be of interest.

This official list is appropriate for:
Macintosh 512K
Macintosh 512K enhanced
Macintosh 512K with Level I upgrade (128K roms & 800K internal
Macintosh Plus
Macintosh XL
External 800K Disk Drive
Hard Disk 20
LaserWriter & LaserWriter Plus
Imagewriter I & II
Imagewriter 15
Imagewriter II with Appletalk option

A Macintosh with less than 512K Ram should continue to use System
2.0, Finder 4.1, and Imagewriter driver 1.0.

The following files are the official current release:

System 3.2 replacing 3.1.1, 3.1, 3.0, 2.1, 2.0, and preceding

Finder 5.3 replacing 5.2, 5.1, 5.0, 4.1, 1.1g, 1.0
Imagewrtiter 2.3 replacing 2.2, 2.1, 2.0, 1.0, Imagewriter 15 1.0
AppleTalk Imagewriter 2.3 replacing 2.2, 2.1, 2.0
LaserWriter 3.1 replacing 3.0, 1.1, 1.0
Hard Disk 20 1.1 replacing 1.0
Installer 2.2 replacing 2.1, 2.0
Font/DA Mover 3.2 replacing 3.1, 3.0, 2.5, 1.0
The Namer 2.1 replacing 2.0, 1.0

These files have been placed on Compuserve and Genie on 6/18/86.  A
version placed earlier on these networks on 6/13/86 have errors
and should not be used.

These files will also be placed on AppleLink for dealers on 7/1/86.

User Visible Problems corrected:

Finder 5.2 and earlier finders had a bug in which directory
information which was already in memory would be read a second time
from disc.  
corrected in Finder 5.3 which will therefore run faster

32 character name in Namer
Fixed in Namer 1.1
The Namer can't deal with 32 character names, and it assumes that
since it can't enter them, it'll never encounter them.
Unfortunately, a test program at Apple leaves a 32 character name in
the LaserWriter's EEROM. This results in you being unable to rename
the LaserWriter.

Applications crashing
Fixed in System 3.2
The Locked bit is set on PACK 6 (International Utilities), causing
fragmentation in applications.  Many applications crash with
unrecoverable errors after a little while.

Better/Faster in ImageWriter
(not a bug but a feature)
Picture quality is darker for Faster quality than for Best quality.

Bitmap garbage on LaserWriter
Fixed in LaserWriter 3.1
Small pictures pasted from MacPaint into another application (such
as MacDraw) occasionally print with extraneous dots and lines around

Calculator arrangement does not match keypad
Fixed in System 3.2
For historical reasons, the Calculator desk accessory's key layout
does not match the numeric keypad on Macintosh Plus, Macintosh XL,
or the optional numeric keypad on Macintosh

Microsoft Word's inability to use letter quality printers
Fixed in System 3.2

Chooser and Locked Disk
Fixed in System 3.2
The Chooser, when checking to make sure the system disk is unlocked,
checks the default volume instead of the system volume.  This makes
the Chooser sometimes display the wrong message and sometimes fail
to set the printer.

Chooser doesn't remember Imagewriter port
Fixed in System version 3.2
After restarting the system, the chooser will forgeT which port the
imagewriter is connected do.

Color Printing in Imagewriter
Fixed in Imagewriter 2.2 & AppleTalk Imagewriter 2.2
Printing a color picture on an Imagewriter II will not work unless
the color black appears in the picture somewhere.

Colorprinting damages the ribbon
Fixed in Imagewriter 2.2 & AppleTalk Imagewriter 2.2
Colors are printed in an order that tends to get the ribbon dirty,
smearing other colors.  Now black is printed last, so no black ink
gets on the yellow ribbon.

Control Panel dialog box too small
The text that warns you that the AppleTalk setting cannot be changed
is too large to fit into the dialog box.

Copies of System File can't be opened by Font/DA mover
Fixed in Font/DA Mover 3.2
The Font/DA mover was not able to open any system file unless it was
actually named "System."  This restriction has been removed.

By the way Apple does not recommend that DA's be placed in
applications by using the option-open feature of the DA mover.

Copying folders form the Desktop
Fixed in Finder 5.1
Dragging a full folder from an HFS volume onto the Desktop, then
onto an MFS volume, will act like it's copying the folder and
contents to the MFS volume.  In fact only the folder was copied
without contents.

Document appearance changes -- text moves around  
not a bug
The Times, Helvetica, and Courier fonts have been altered slightly
from the original LaserWriter fonts to improve spacing on the
LaserWriter when used with the Mac Plus.  This may affect text
layout in existing documents.  No workaround or fix is expected.

Dragging an empty folder to trash, then duplicate: crashes Finder
Fixed in Finder 5.3
Dran an empty folder to the Trash, then select another file and
duplicate it; this will crash the system,

Draggin on Locked Discs in the Finder
Fixed in Finder 5.3
The Finder will not report a disk locked error when you drag a file
from a folder onto the disk icon of the same disk if the the disk is
locked.  Now the error message is given (even if it is not very

Draging out of trash loses file
Fixed in Finder 5.3
Dragging a file out of trash can onto a different volume removes the
file, from both the trash and the destination volume.

Duplicating files in the trash crashes system
Fixed in Finder 5.3

Files lost  
Fixed in System 3.2
A bug in the Resource Manager caused programs that wrote small
resources to resource files occasionally destroyed the files.

Finder Comments not copied on installationt
Fixed in Installer 2.2
When the Installer copies a file, it does not copy the file's Finder
comments under all circumstances -- and if the comment contains the
former version number, the Finder's Get Info box will tell you the
prvious version number of an updated file.

Folder SIze Reporting
Fixed in Finder 5.1
The sizes reported for folers under the tilte bars of their open
windows in the Finder does not accurately reflect the amount of
space taken up by all files in all folders in that folder, excluding
the contents of folders in it.

Font/DA Mover Changes modification date of unmodified files
Fixed in Font/DA mover 3.2
The mover updated the modification date of every file it opened,
even if the file was not actually modified.

Font/DA mover crashes on Nearly-Full Disk
Fixed in Font/DA Mover 3.2
The Font/DA Mover would crash if it tried to copy fonts or DA's that
would not fit on the disk.

Font/DA Mover Double-clicking "Open" button opened New file
Fixed in Font/DA Mover 3.2
Double clicking on the "open" button occasion had the result of
clicking on "New"

Font/DA Mover: Two copies of System File
Fixed in F/DA Mover 3.2
On occasion, inserting a disk while running the Mover would cause it
to open a 2nd copy of the currently opened System file, rather than
opening the System file on the just inserted disk.

Fonts Inaccessible in MacDraw
On a Mac Pluse with System file 3.0 or higher, the font menu in
MacDrae is alphabetically ordered and does not scroll.  If you have
more than 11 fonts on a 9-inch Macintosh screen; more on a Mac XL),
this makes the bottom ones uninvokable.  There is a workaround
posted on AppleLink.

Formatting Blank Discs in F/DA Mover
Fixed in F/DA mover 3.2
Mover does not bring up the Disk Initialization package when a blank
disk is inserted.  The disc is neither mounted or formatted.

ImageWriter driver does not recognize ImageWriter II
Fixed in Imagewriter verison 2.3
The Imagewriter driver forgot how to recognize an Imagewriter II,
and would assume it had different paper handling and no color, or
give the message "The printer is not responding."

ImageWriter stops printing
Fixed in IW 2.3
Large MacPaint pictures occurring many times on one page would cause
the IW to stop printing and hang the system

Initializing Discs on MacWorks
Fixed in System 3.1
Initializing a blank disk on MacWorks would cause a System error
under system 3.0

Installed files have generic icon
Fixed in Finder version 2.2 [sic]
The LaserWriter and Laser Prep files, when installed from the
Printer Installation 2.0 disk, hav generic document icons instead of
their own.  Problem: The Finder does not rebuild bundeles if the
Init bit is set but the file prviously existed, even if the type has
changed.  Workaround: rebuild desktop

Installer deletes incorrect resources (loses Alarm Clock Pictures)
Fixed in Installer 2.2

LaserWriter and Downloadable Fonts
Fixed in LW 3.1
When the LW driver encounters a change in style, then a change back,
in a downloaded font (or a Mac bitmap font), it re-downloads the
original style.  This fills up the LW virtual memory very quickly,
and the LW resets in the middle fo the job.

LW Plus loses optional characters
Fixed in LW 3.1
If a user does not have all of the LW Plus fonts installed in the
system file, option characters ( using Option) will print wrong

LW underlining
(not a bug)
The underline character in a font and the font underlining of that
font may not coincide.

Long, Slanted fonts have lower half chopped off
fixed in System 3.2
Large fonts like Zapf Chancery may have to lower part omitted on the

MacTerminal occasionally disconnects from a modem
Fixed in System 3.2

MacWrite opens documents as "Untitled"
Fixed in version 5.1
Opening a Mac Write document often results in the document coming up
as "Untitled"; you cannot use Save or Save As to save it.

Old Pictures come out of Scrapbook
Fixed in System 3.2
Pictures from previous editing sessions were occasionally pasted
from the Scrapbook during editing.

One bit shift in dialog text
Occasionally text in an text box shifts up one bit when text is
added or another box is selected

Overprinting of MacPaint documents
Fixed in LW 3.1
Printing multiple MacPaint documents causes the 2nd one to have
remnants of the 1st, the 3rd to have remnants of the 1st and 2nd

Pasted-in pictures don't print
Fixed in LaserWrtier version 3.1
Pictures cut for MacDrawand pasted into other applications
occasionally don't print on the LaserWriter.  

Phantom fonts in Font menus
Fixed in F/DA Mover 3.1 & 3.2
F/DA Movers prior to 3.o did not know about new font information
added in System File 3.0 and later [the FOND resource]  If an older
F/DA mover removed a font from a system file, the FOND resource
remains in the system, thus the font names stay in hte menu even
though the fonts are not present.

Problems with Clipboard in Paint and Draw
Due to some problems  cutting and pasting may not work unless the
application is on the same disk (and may be the same folder) as the
System and Finder.

Reboot on launch on F/DA mover or Installer
Ficed in System 3.2
Under some conditions the installer and F/DA mover would crash or

Screen dumps with mouse down act differently
On 128K ROMS (the new ones) the Cmd-shift-1 thru 4 actions are
queued, rather than being executed immediately.  This means that
pending actions (such as releasing the mouse button) take place
before the FKEY action (such as taking a screen shot) is executed.
It is no longer possible, then, to take a screen shot of a menu.

SCSI multi block blind reads and writes
Fixed in System version 3.2
A timing problem prevented multi-block blind reads and writes from
working correctly, thus seriously reducing the maximum performance
possible on SCSI.  An INIT filecalled SCSI Helper or SCSI items
patched these problems; the code in this files was rolled into 3.2

Sheet feeded, color ribbon not recognized on IW II
Fixed in IW 2.2
A Mac with 64K ROMS (old rom) and an IW I with Rev 3 ROMS, the IW
driver could not recognized the sheet feeder or color ribbon.

System 3.1.1 incompatible with scripts
Fixed with System 3.2

System File grows after using Chooser
Fixed in System version 3.2
The Chooser will improperly clean up after itself allowing the
system file to grow by leaps and bounds

Underlinded Italics on LaserWriter may result in only underlining
without italics
Fixed in LW 3.1

White Lines through Pictures
Fixed in LW version 3.1
Some images occaisonally printed with thin white lines through them

David Whiteman,
University of California, San Diego  

David Whiteman,
University of California, San Diego

List of Bugs corrected by System 3.2
120 Jun 1986 5:53 amDavid Whiteman