Apple policy on software developers


Author: Joel West
Date: 24 Feb 1985 2:55 pm

The following is based on a my visit to the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.
The opinions are my own and not those of a fossilized mastodon.

"The Macintosh Software Developers' Primer" (Feb. 23)

       Guy Kawasaki led this session before several hundred people: the 90
minutes included a long Q&A.  The former "Software Evangelist" is now
"Manager, Macintosh Software".  He shared the podium with several
managers who seem to report to him, including Alain Rossman (spelling
correct), software evangelism (Guy's old job?); Dan Cochran, development
tools and languages; Scott Knaster, tech support; Matt Cobb, co-marketing
director.  Also present was Joe Shelton, in charge of Apple-label software
(MacPaint, Pascal, etc.).  All except Cochran wore suits.

       Videos shown were the "1984" ad, the making of it, the Super Bowl 1985  
ad, and "The Making of Lemmings".  An attempt by a later questioner to  
challenge the tone of this ad was lightly applauded, but generally heckled.  
One panelist promised "Lemmings" wouldn't set the tone for 1985 advertising.  
Other highlights:

--- 1984 GOALS: Kawasaki said they were achieved: 1) To ship 250,000
units;  2) 150 applications shipping by 12/31/84, actual 300 (350 now); 3)
Establish Mac as third standard in PC's.

--- 1985 GOALS: Establish Mac as the "2nd standard in business computing,"
i.e., the Macintosh office.  Goal is more than 10,000 networks in 1985.  Hope  
is by providing cheap hardware to break the vicious cycle of no one buys  
network hardware, so no one writes network software, no software means no  
hardware, etc...

--- IBM:  Many jabs were taken at IBM, particularly by Kawasaki.  But he noted  
that competition for the heart of software developers was a "zero sum game,"  
and he hoped that by exciting developers, the good new software would be on  
Mac's, not IBM's.

--- CERTIFIED DEVELOPERS: He encouraged people to apply and vowed that
certification and help would be available to all "serious commercial
developers."  "We really don't care about the size of your company" -- the
only criterion is (the bottom line) whether your software helps sell
        Small-scale certified developers will receive E-Mail tech support via
the Delphi network.  He didn't note that this was a shift in policy, which
currently allows telephone support.  Cochran said this shift would in effect  
in about 6 weeks.  [Registered developers who pay $1k a year will retain  
telephone support, although this was not mentioned.]

--- INSIDE MACINTOSH: Price now $100.  To be frozen 3/15/85, including
hardware specs.  To be printed by Addison-Wesley in late Summer. Intermediate  
version to be printed by Apple in "phone book" stock and binding, about  
$25/copy, available in April.  Content identical between frozen (loose-leaf),  
phone book, and bookstore versions.  Also plans to put it on-line in Delphi  
with keyword search.

--- DEVELOPMENT TOOLS: Kawasaki said they are
        Lisa Pascal (requires a Lisa)
        MDS -- assembler, editor, linker, debugger and (phonebook) Inside Mac
            requires 128k Mac and 2 drives: $195, due in stores mid-April
        Development Environment -- C, Pascal, Assembly.  Due "late Fall"
        Advanced Architecture group -- class-oriented Pascal and C; no date
        Kawasaki said the languages are intended not to make money, but to
encourage the development of software for the Mac.

--- ROM UPGRADE: Knaster ruled it out in spring but no comment for all of 1985.

--- COLOR MAC: "There will be no color Macintosh in 1985," Kawasaki said.

--- PROPRIETARY RIGHTS:  Apple will not release ROM source code or hardware  
schematics.  A panelist vowed to work with hardware makers to provide  
information, essentially on a "need-to-know" basis (my words, not his).
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Apple policy on software developers
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