Re: *HUMONGOUS* CP/M back online


Author: Nathanael
Date: 26 Dec 2011 4:32 am

Just a quick announcement that, thanks to the incomparable generosity
of Jay West at Classic Computers, *HUMONGOUS* CP/M is now back on
line. Currently the URL is
but sometime in the next few days I should get the permanent URL,, switched over as well.

*HUMONGOUS* currently houses the following:

Site mirrors of two dozen classic CP/M repositories and CP/M sites,
including: the Walnut Creek CD-ROM, OAK and WUArchives repositories,
the Rlee Peters Collection, homepages of Hal Bower, CB Falconer, Dave
Brooks, and more.

A special section devoted to the Radio Shack TRS-80 line, including
over 13000 software packages for the CoCo, Model 100, MC10 and Model I/
III/IV, some 300 CP/M reference and programming books, complete, or
nearly-complete, collections of a dozen different TRS-80 magazines (80
Micro, Micro-80, Softside, etc.) and over a thousand hardware and
software manuals.

My CP/M-Live! bootable DVD project, and my own small collection of CP/
M software and related stuff that I haven't seen elsewhere.

Feedback always welcome!


*HUMONGOUS* CP/M back online
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