Author: BobH
Date: 27 Dec 2011 8:48 pm

In article <>,
        BobH <> writes:
 > > On 12/27/2011 11:35 AM, Bill Gunshannon wrote:
 >> >> I find this thread very interesting.  You see, I also have a
 >> >> rather strangrer and obscure M68K system.  It is the
 >> >> "Integrated Solutions 68K CPU".  A board that fits in a QBUS
 >> >> (yes, from the PDP-11) and is capable of utilizing memory and
 >> >> devices on that bus.  Sadly, they only came with two kinds of
 >> >> PROM, MACBUGS and a Unix Boot for SYS3 or SYSV (and maybe BSD
 >> >> 4.3).  I got stuck with the Unix Boot Proms so they are pretty
 >> >> much useless.  I have been searching for monitor
 >> >> code (MACBUG seems to have been taken over by Apple and
 >> >> no original Motorola versions seem to be available) and was
 >> >> looking at TUTOR but if I can find a way to run CP/M-68K that
 >> >> would be much more fun.
 >> >>  Who knows, if a couple of us succeed maybe we can write
 >> >> that porting guide!!
 >> >>
 >> >> bill
 > >
 > > Hi Bill,
 > > Are you the person that got CPM68K running on a PDP11? About 10
 > > years ago, someone in this newsgroup described modifying the
 > > source to be buildable with GCC and then porting it to a PDP11.
 > >
 > No, but I would love to see that, too.  I have seen a VAX port of
 > CP/M-68K but not a PDP-11.  To be honest, I can't see CP/M-68K
 > running on the PDP-11.  It is, after all, only a 16 bit machine.
 > It would be a candidate for CP/M 2.2 or possibly 3.0, however.
 > Of course, I have both systems available so if someone is working
 > on this maybe I can help.  :-)
 > bill

Hi Bill,
I moved this thread so as not to hijack the other one. I looked at the  
old articles in this group and you are right, it was a VAX, not a PDP11.

Do you know anything about a company called Cyon? I have a 68K QBus  
board that has little text on it but Cyon  PN 02-3000-01. It lived in a  
case that looked like a VT100 with an HDA in the bottom and a small QBus  
cage to the right of the CRT. The HDA was dead and I was low on space,  
so the case and HDA went away. I searched some but never found anything  
on it.


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