CONIN and CONOUT ready, how make a BIOS?


Author: Telespalla Bob
Date: 01 Feb 2012 12:08 am

Hi, I am Paolo from Italy and I have written the CONIN and CONOUT  
routines for my Z80 hardware.
Now I start to develop Floppy disk routines (for uPD765 by NEC), and  
then I need to make a complete BIOS for CP/M 2 (I have planned to switch  
to CP/M 3 in future)
I would need *step-by-step* help to do this, I have poor experience with  
Where I can put my routines? How i can assemble all together?
Please explain me as if I totally were stupid, please :-)

Next step: I will try to make my disk controller compatible with PC 720K  
floppy disks (or 360K 5''1/4 if necessary). How I can make a boot floppy  
for CP/M starting from PC?

Thanks in advance, above all for the patience. :-)

Best regards.

p.s.: please remove "ledita" and "dalnaso" from email for direct reply.

CONIN and CONOUT ready, how make a BIOS?
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