Zeta SBC - Minimal, self-contained, N8VEM compatible Z80 SBC


Author: Sergey
Date: 01 Feb 2012 4:47 am

Zeta SBC is an easy to build Zilog Z80 based single board computer. It
is inspired by Ampro Little Board Z80 and N8VEM project. Zeta SBC is
software compatible with N8VEM SBC and Disk I/O boards. This is an
open source project: all design files (KiCad schematics and PCB,
Gerber) are available from N8VEM Wiki.

Here are the specifications:
- Small form factor (170 mm x 100 mm, 6.7" x 4"), can be mounted under
a 3.5” floppy drive.
- Through hole components only, most of the components are pretty
common (a good way to get rid of some stuff in your junk box).
- CPU: Zilog Z80. It was tested with NMOS and CMOS versions, up to 20
MHz, 6 MHz or greater is required to support 1.44MB floppies.
- Memory: 512 KiB SRAM (system + RAM disk) with DS1210 NVRAM
controller, 512 KiB flash (BIOS, CP/M, ROM disk)
- 8255 PPI. Can be used to connect an IDE hard drive or CF card using
PPIDE adapter, or for just generic I/O.
- 16550 UART. Serial port for connecting a terminal.
- FDC9266 or FDC9268 floppy disk controller, supports common (that is
IBM) diskette formats.
- DS1302 RTC.
- Runs CP/M 2.2 and ZSDOS, ROM images are available from N8VEM Wiki.

More information please refer to this page:

I offer PCBs and some (more difficult to find) ICs in any combination.
Prices: PCB - $20, FDC9266 - $5, Z84C0020PEC (CMOS Z80 CPU, 20 MHz) -
$5, Toshiba TMP82C55AP-10 (CMOS 8255 PPI, 10 MHz) - $4, SST39SF040
(512 KiB flash, preprogrammed with BIOS, CP/M, and some utilities on
the ROM disk) - $4.

Shipping (one PCB and up to 4 ICs using USPS First Class mail, no
tracking) is $3 in US and $6 anywhere else.


Zeta SBC - Minimal, self-contained, N8VEM compatible Z…
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