FS: CP/M computers


Author: Tarkin
Date: 13 Feb 2012 11:36 pm

Hi all,
  I am getting married soon, and I am starting to liquidate my
  classic computer collection. Prices are flexible, if the offers
  are sane. Local pickup in the Detroit Metro Area is preferred,
  but I may negotiate shipping.

Here they are:
* Kaypro II :
 works. boots from A, but errors out trying to load anything else.
  B works AFAICT.
  Plenty of software, though the OEM software isn't matched to
  the unit (the software is from a different, now dead, KII).
 Asking 200$

* Commodore 128D:
  works. missing OEM keyboard, has a C=Key adapter instead.
  Have some software, including a customized CP/M that
  works around a quirk in the C=Key(two keys mapped to ';').
  I also have a 1750 REU (512KB expansion), and 1571 disk drive.
  Power supplies are OEM, but I don't have the video cables.
  I use one I hacked together, but I won't sell the cable, as it
  will be repurposed once the 128 is sold.
  Base unit: 100$
  REU: 20$
 1571: 25$

* VTech Laser128:
  Boots fine. Drive needs occasional adjustment. I have some software,
  like the Locksmith (drive tuning) and various CP/M, for use with the
  clone ALS Z80-card. OEM power supply.
  Asking 200$, including the Z80/CPM co-card.

I also have a non-working Kaypro 2, and non-working Osbourne.
Both have screen issues - they don't 'light up'. I haven't opened
the cases to diagnose. Feel free to make me an offer.

  "Why not eBay?" - I thought it would be a good idea to offer these
  units to CP/M enthusiasts first. I'll have to charge more on eBay
  to offset their and PayPal's charges.

 "Does it come with software?" - The machines listed above as
  working will get CP/M and perhaps other software with the machines.

 "Where will you consider shipping to?" - Sorry, United States only.
  I may consider Canada, if a sufficiently compelling reason presents

Feel free to ask questions on the list, actual offers should be
emailed to : tarkin zero zero zero AT geemail dot com.
Unmunge by removing spaces and using a single letter for 'gee'.

Thank you for your time and interest,
   Steve M. / 'Tarkin'

FS: CP/M computers
113 Feb 2012 11:36 pmTarkin