Bigboard 1 - Jim B. Ferguson & Russel Smith


Author: Enrico Lazzerini
Date: 14 Feb 2012 9:15 pm

perhaps the question might seem trivial, but anyone would know how to track
Jim B. Ferguson & Russel Smith the persons who designed the Ferguson
BigBoard 1 in 1980? Below some info i left on my website

Jim Ferguson, Russell Smith and I, Gordon Thompson, worked for a company
called Automatic Vehicle Monitoring Systems (AVM Systems) in Fort Worth,
Texas, for the development of automated systems for vehicles.
Earlier in 1976, the AVM Systems called "Information Identification." Later
in 1978 changed its name to "Gould Information Identification" and later in
1979/1980 "Automatic Vehicle Monitoring Systems" or "AVM Systems". AVM
Systems shut down in 1985.
We were in the years 1978-1981, when Jim and Russell went off to form their
own company produces and sells BigBoard I, while I continued to work for
the AVM Systems until 1984.
Before the BiGboard I board, Jim and Russell designed a single board
computer (SBC) for AVM Systems for Remote Base Station Controller (RBSC)
and I designed a modem interface card for the RBSC.
Jim then took the project of RBSC extending it in a single board computer,
adding more memory, more I/O ports, video interface, all that in his spare
time. He was still working for AVM Systems when developed at home BigBoard
Jim was a pretty tall guy, mostly oriented towards the hardware and
operating system of a computer.
Many of us bought from him the BigBoard I card because everything was very

Thanks in advance
Enrico - Pisa - Italy

Bigboard 1 - Jim B. Ferguson & Russel Smith
114 Feb 2012 9:15 pmEnrico Lazzerini