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Macintosh 128k

Today's Vault update adds 500 new files.
- 15 Jul 14

I have had some success with patching mini vMac 3.3.3 to work with the Twiggy Mac ROM. I published the report of my analysis today.
- 07 Apr 14

Adam Goolevitch has now sent me the Twiggy Mac ROMs, 4.3T and 4.4T. I am working on analyzing them. So far, I have pulled out the Stolen from Apple Computer icon. They do not work with the vMac emulator because they do not have the .Sony disk driver.
- 21 Feb 14

Adam Goolevitch gave me a chance to analyze the Mac Twiggy disks, and I've made some very interesting discoveries, a full report of which shall be published later this week.
- 04 Feb 14

Vault file catalogs were refreshed today, taking into account several bug fixes and enhancements to Format Converter. One of the biggest fixes is that dates are now correct in NuFX/ShrinkIt archives, and dates are now shown for StuffIt 1.5.1, StuffIt 5, Compact Pro, and PackIt II archives. Now 85% of all Vault files have a catalog listing.
- 28 Jan 14

Release dates were added to 12,171 files using the program that I had mentioned back in September. Now 62.7% of all Vault files have a release date. In other news, Format Converter can now list the contents of Macintosh PackIt II archives.
- 27 Jan 14

The Vault file catalogs were refreshed today. Approximately 77% of all files have a listing of their contents (disk images, ShrinkIt archives, etc.) I hope to increase this total in the coming weeks. The next project is to make a search engine for the contents of these files.
- 11 Nov 13

A new feature called Spyglass lets you browse through Apple II disk images. More features will be added in the coming weeks.
- 16 Oct 13

Mac GUI Vault opened to the public four years ago today! Since then, the site has been a huge success and hundreds of files are downloaded every week. I made a small update to the collection today, adding 100 new files.
- 09 Sep 13

You can now easily download binaries from comp.binaries.apple2 using Format Converter to decode BinSCII and Executioner formats. The next update will fill in the Date Released field for thousands of files in the Downloads area.
- 08 Sep 13

Enhanced file catalogs appeared two weeks ago for almost 20,000 files, then 10,600 screenshots were added for over 4,500 Apple II programs. I am working on the Format Converter and related projects. StuffIt 5 files will be cataloged shortly.
- 06 Aug 13

Today's Vault update brings over 1,200 new files. The enhanced file catalogs should appear within the next week or two for most all Apple II files, then Macintosh files later.
- 08 Jul 13

The ebook edition of The New Apple II User's Guide is for sale now. Email me to get a copy. I am working on updating the disk cataloging software to recognize more disk and file formats, including Pascal and ShrinkIt. The next Vault update is scheduled for this month of July.
- 02 Jul 13

Mac GUI user retrogear notified me that it was impossible to log in using older 5.x versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer on Mac OS 9. I have corrected this problem, so now you can use your Mac GUI account on older MSIE and Netscape web browsers.
- 02 Feb 13

Arriving a little later than planned is the next Vault update, which today adds over 1,000 new files. Over a hundred files were submitted by InkBlot, who is also helping by adding file descriptions, screenshots, and dates. Thanks for your continued help!
- 28 Jan 13

Today is the third year of Mac GUI Vault. The enhanced Usenet search engine is now online, and the next Vault update should occur in the next few weeks.
- 09 Sep 12

Hardworking user InkBlot has contributed over 400 improved file descriptions for the Downloads. Thank you. I hope that he and others will continue to help with Mac GUI Vault.
- 16 Jul 12

The New Apple II User's Guide went on sale about two weeks ago and has attracted a lot of attention and favorable reviews. If you are going to KFest 2012, there will be a surprise for you: 30 autographed copies of the book will be on sale! They should be discounted somewhat from the normal sale price, too.
- 02 Jul 12

Two updates for today. First: The New Apple II User's Guide is going to be published on the 18th of June. Second: I've added a few hundred new files to the Vault collection.
- 05 Jun 12

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