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Before the Macintosh and iPod, Apple Computer was well-known for the Apple II, one of the world’s most popular personal computers at the time. Produced from 1977 to 1993, the Apple II is kept alive today by a community of hobbiests who still enjoy programming, tinkering, and gaming with their Apple computer.

Apple IIeThe New Apple II User’s Guide, written by David Finnigan, is the modern-day companion to the Apple, covering all of the improvements and advancements since the Apple’s heyday. Ethernet, solid-state storage, web browsing, Java. It’s all possible today thanks to this dedicated community of Apple II users.

Written for everyone, The New Apple II User’s Guide covers the basics of the Apple, how to identify what model you have, the peripherals, and how to set up your system. The meat of the book then focuses on programming in BASIC. Learn how to use the text and graphics modes, the printer, and the disk system.

Finally, learn about specialized topics including networking: email, web browsing, and FTP; the Machine Language Monitor; and several applications specific to the Apple IIgs, including the GNO/ME multitasking operating system.

With nearly 800 pages, this book has it all!

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ISBN: 978-0-615-63987-1

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