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General Resources

Apple II Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Apple II Web Ring

Purchase Apple manuals from Syndicomm


Chapter 1 : Meeting Your Apple

Apple II emulators

VM02, the Java Virtual Machine for the Apple II.


Chapter 5 : Program Design and Control

Prime Numbers program listing


Chapter 6 : Input and Output Formatting

Mouse Pointer Demo program listing

Mouse Menu program listing

Paddle Menu program listing

MouseText Sampler program listing

Phone Number Input program listing


Chapter 7 : The Disk System

Purchase startup disks for your Apple II from Syndicomm:

Hard disk drives:

Word Processing program listing

Simple Database program listing


Chapter 8 : Graphics and Sound

Simple Drawing program listing

Bar Graph program listing

Shape Encoder program listing

Shape Sampler program listing

Tic Tac Toe Game program listing

Music Player program listing


Chapter 9 : Printing

Word Processor with Printing program listing


Chapter 10 : Networking

DCOM Terminal Emulator

AppleShare Workstation Disk

Purchase an Uthernet card (10 Mbps Ethernet) from A2RetroSystems.




Spectrum Internet Suite (SIS)

SAM2 (Manual)

SNAP (Manual)

SAFE2 (Manual)




Chapter 12 : The IIgs and GS/OS

Apple IIgs System 6.0.1 disks from Syndicomm







Appendix D: Using ADT to Transfer Disks



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